CP salutes comrade Tampoe

1096021714balaThe Communist Party of Sri Lanka yesterday expressed its grief over the sad news of comrade Bala Tampoe’s sudden passing away.

It said in a media statement: “Bala, the veteran CMU leader inescapably falls into the category of the galaxy of our foremost pioneering trade union leaders of our country. Distinct from others, he was the longest surviving trade union leader, with an unblemished record, being relentlessly active till his death.

“In the seven decades of his Trade Union career, he led many working class struggles including general strikes, Hartals etc. His significant contribution for the cause of the working class movement is gratefully remembered.

“With his brilliant academic achievement which he would otherwise have used for his personal gains, lie sought to devote his entire life with. his knowledge, skills and experience as a full-timer for the cause of the trade union movement.

“This exemplary role was his exceptional distinction. His sterling human qualities, his rigidness in his strategies and flexibility in tactics were a source of inspiration.

“Although he was a sectarian left leader in our assessment we do not for a moment underestimate his role and contribution for the cause of the left movement from.his student days and in particular as a leading cadre of the LSSP in the 1950s and 60s.

“His thoughts and concepts contributed immeasurably to the progress of our labour legislation. As a valiant fighter and defender of working class rights, he has entered our Trade Union on history and shall remain there in glory.


The Communist Party of Sri Lanka salutes comrade Bala Tampoe for all what he did for the cause of the workers’ movement.”

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