Gota revealed as political advisor to Sajith!

sajith_gotaDefence ministry secretary Nandasena Gotabhaya Rajapaksa is the political advisor to Sajith Premadasa, who is aspiring to become the deputy leader of the UNP, Rajapaksa has admitted in front of a UNP mayor  and several urban councillors of the party.

Spending most of the time of the day in a bad temper, it was surprising for all to see Gotabhaya all smiles at a recent function, where he spoke to everyone present. He has gone to the mayor and the councillors of the UNP and chatted with them about political crises.  He said that he always advised that person – who is none other than Sajith – to become friendly with Ranil and make him contest the presidential election, ensure his defeat and gain the party’s reins to his hands.

Gotabhaya said however, that Sajith does nothing, and waits for others to do everything for him, but that from the government side, he cannot do anything about it, and that he does not make use of the support he is giving him.

A few days later, the mayor  has related that to Wickremesinghe, who said that he knew all about it. He said that he knew who Sajith is and who are behind him. Before everything else, we must win, and after that everything else can be taken care of. Until then, he asked, he be allowed to play his own game.

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