Video:President’s office obstruct telecast of thug member’s ‘antics’

The video with scenes of UPFA Member of Monaragala Pradeshiya Sabha Sanath Priyasoma acting hositely with a sword opposite Monaragala Hospital was shown in certain TV channels before the main news telecast but had disappeared when the main news bulletin was telecast.  It is due to the Presidential Secretariat pressurizing all channels not to telecast the new item say reports.

Rajapaksa administration had intervened to remove the scenes from news bulletins as it would have an adverse effect on the Uva PC election. It seems that instead of establishing laws and order and democracy in the country they have chosen means of violating laws and destroying democracy. It also proves that ‘media freedom’ for Rajapaksa administration is nothing else but the theory “Publish only what we want you to!” This is a very grave situation.

When the limits of the right of the people become the wish of the ruler, it definitely indicates the characteristics of a dictatorship. Specially, when it is used to conceal rulers’ thuggery, violence, frauds and corruption the people are left with only their power. Their vote is one such power people have.

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