President’s latest lying to Tamils – speech in Tamil

liarPresident Mahinda Rajapakse in his message on the occasion of the recent famous Nallur Murugan temple Annual festival said the following with regard to going further than what he has done by defeating terrorism and proceeding with his current socio-economic development work in the Tamil areas. 

He said he will go further and will give more (than the promised 13th amendment ) and more for the Tamils. 


· (I will) provide more and more (Innum Innum Valanguwen) 

· You must progress ( Neengal munner vendum) 

· Your territory must progress (Ungal pirathesam munnera vendum) 

· Good future must emerge (Nalla Ethirkalam Uruvaga Vendum) 

· That is what is important (Athu Thaan Mukkiyam) 

Having duped the UN Secretary General, India and the international community on the political resolution to the conflict and serious human rights issues, President Mahinda Rajapakese has gone further to make statements that are not backed by any serious initiatives except for undertaking underhand works to assimilate the Tamils to eradicate their identity altogether. 

The body language and the facial expression during his speech shows downright deception of the President. 

However, his comments must be taken seriously and pressures put on him to match his words with deeds.

The Government is showing panic due to exposure of its racist policies on the minorities. They do Not want any Tamil Leaders to meet the Indian PM  Modi end expose there racist policies on the minority. The Sri Lankan government and its President promised to implement the 13th amendment of the constitution in full give more rights to the minority who have been discriminated by the successive Sinhala governments since its independence 14th February 1948. After the Tamil leaders failed through democratic methods the LTTE was formed to fight for the rights of the Tamil community. 
_50729364_relatives-of-the-missingIn May 2009 President Mahinda promised India and the western world leaders that he will implement the 13th amendment of the countries constitution in full and more rights to the Tamil community if he allowed to kill the LTTE. Hence the world leaders trusting him turned a blind eye and Sri Lankan forces killed more than 40,000 Tamil Civilians and more than 10,000 LTTE members in May 2009 alone. The UN negociated White flag surrender of more than 1000 LTTE Leaders and their family members and after the surrender they were killed by the Sri Lankan forces which has brought NO confidence in the UN negotiations in the future. Now the Sri Lankan President is trying to cover the the war crimes crimes committed by its forces on the Tamil community.
imagesFive years have passed and the President Mahinda a man known for NOT keeping his promises is now refusing to even implement the 13th amendment of the  current constitution of the country as promised by him in May 2009. President Mahinda Rajapakshe is taking cover from support of China and Russia who have supported the killing of the Tamil community and are continuing to discriminate the minority. 

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