Audio: This is how plunder of votes is organized

avatar92An audio clip indicating how Minister Siripala Gamlath is organizing state officials for the UPFA election campaign has been released by the media unit of the JVP.

The audio clip is how the Minister organizes the Samurdhi Development officers, graduates serving in the Department of ‘Divi Neguma’ attached to the Ministry of Economic Development, Agricultural Research Officers and other government employees who had been forced to gather at Monaragala Pradeshiya Sabha on the 31st at 9.00 a.m. to engage in the election campaign of the UPFA.

It has been revealed to the JVP that government officials have been called for the meeting by the Divisional Secretary. Several SLFP activists in the area too have participated in the meeting.

Within the first few minutes of the commencement of the meeting the Minister has explained the purpose of getting them for the meeting while between the 15th minute and the 17th minute how identity cards should be tampered with is discussed. The Minister says photographs of all those who do not have identity cards should be taken and the photographs of those who are definite that they would vote for the UPFA should be prepared and others destroyed.

After the 22nd minute the state employees are allocated areas for them to work.

Audio: This is how plunder of votes is organized

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