EPDP Reiterates Call For 13A

By Camelia Nathaniel

08-modi-singh6The EPDP has reiterated calls for the implementation of the 13th Amendment to the Constitution and also urged the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) to join the Parliament Select Committee (PSC) on the national issue instead of seeking foreign assistance.

The leader of the opposition in the Northern Province S. Thavarajah toldThe Sunday Leader that now that the war is over it is time to unite and concentrate on rebuilding the nation.

Basic CMYKThe EPDP said that an international investigation will only create further animosity among the Sinhalese and Tamil people of this country. “We want a national reconciliation process and we need to find answers. We have to deal with the government in power and no matter where we go and shout, at the end we have to deal with the government if we are to find true reconciliation. Now the TNA went to India and complained to the Indian Prime Minister, but what happened in the end was that he redirected them to speak to the Sri Lankan government and find answers. We the EPDP have been telling the TNA this for a very long time now.

Without sitting with the Parliament Select Committee (PSC) there is no point in going round the world complaining to foreign governments.” He added that the EPDP has been consistently calling for the full implementation of the 13th amendment and for it to be strengthened. “We have created a situation where the majority Sinhalese is doubting the Tamils, particularly as the TNA is in power.

The way the TNA reacts, the way they conduct themselves matters greatly. Even if they talk to the President they should then build on that cordial relationship. No point in talking to the President one day and then running to the international arena and condemning the government. Only through cordial relations with the government can we achieve our goals.

First we have to build the trust, but without that nothing can be done. We must have the obtaining of police powers in our agenda but we must not rush it. First we must build up the trust the government has in us,” he added.

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