Tamil Diaspora relations can keep the motherland to live: Sridharan M.P.

sridharan_aus_010Sridharan M.P. has said in Australia that the Tamil Diaspora relations can keep the motherland to live

The Member of the Parliament C. Sridharan made a visit to Australia recently, after receiving the Invitation from the Melbourne Victoria Tamil National Alliance branch in Australia.

This meeting was organized by immigrant Australian relations to helping the children who have lost parents during the war. While attending to this gathering Mr. Sridharan was discussing about the topics of the current political & economical life and living conditions of the Srilankan Tamils in the motherland.

He has been thanking the Tamil Diaspora, who is living in Australia to support the causes of the needy Srilankan Tamils by working very hard in Australia and also thanked them for helping the Srilankan children who lost their parents during the time of war.

The Srilankan Tamils living in our motherland are facing lots of emergencies and difficult situations. They have been pushed in to the stage of Slavery. The main reason for this is their economic degradation due to the domination and acquisition of their properties by the ethnic ruling party government of Srilanka.

Due to the Unemployment problem faced by them gives them worries about the future of their children and their educational needs. But the ruling party government of Srilanka wanted to support only the Sinhalese Buddhist community and never bother about the minority communities or about the Tamil speaking people.

The Member of the Parliament Sridharan once again thanked the Diaspora Tamils not only from Australia, but also from all over the world, who are striving their best to help the Srilankan Tamils with an intention to develop the motherland, and they are also having their dreams to come back in the future.

Because of your good deeds, we can make the economical development and educational development with full identity. We will create a complete society, for that we will work very hard with confidence and faith in our hearts

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