Annual event to commemorate Tamil civilian deaths during the war has been stopped by police.

Sencholai-MassacreThe police stopped an annual event in Batticaloa which was organised by the local Tamil community to commemorate the  relatives who were civilians killed in May 2009 by the Sri Lankan Army. The commemoration  was to be held in Sathurukondan but the police obtained a court order preventing the event from taking place accusing it has an event to remember the LTTE members killed..

Ajith Rohana said that in previous years the event was held to commemorate civilians killed (by the Sri Lankan Army) deaths during the war but yesterday an attempt was made to commemorate the LTTE.

The police spokesman said that as the LTTE was responsible for brutal terror in Sri Lanka no one has a right to commemorate such an outfit. The police spokesman said that commemorating such an event is not ethically correct or legally allowed. He said legal action will be taken against anyone holding such events in Sri Lanka.

As for the police action do they say that ALL the Tamils in Sri Lanka are LTTE supporters?

The LTTE and the Sri Lankan forces was responsible for brutal terror in Sri Lanka. If the Tamils should not commomermorate the LTTE than the government should not commemorate the Army who were responsible for raping and killing of Tamil girls in Sri Lanka? but the rule of law are different to Sinhales and Tamils in Sri Lanka.

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