Mosque Attacked: Take Immediate Action To Prevent Unwanted Tension In Dambulla: Salley Writes To IGP

buddhist-monks-protest-in-colombo-31National Unity Front Leader Azath Salley has written to the IGP urging him to take immediate action to prevent any unwanted tension in Dambulla following an attack on a mosque in the area early Monday morning, while also requesting immediate legal action against the culprits responsible for the attack.

Azath Salley

Salley in a letter to the IGP yesterday has pointed out that the CCTV camera installed in the Khairiya mosque premises clearly shows two individuals armed with petrol, petrol bombs, tires and carbide arriving at the mosque at around 12.45 pm and carrying out the attack.

“The CCTV camera clearly reveals the two culprits and what they have done,” he has written while requesting the law enforcement authorities to take immediate action against them and take them into custody and continue with necessary legal proceedings.

Pointing out this attack is the latest in a series of provocations aimed at destroying the mosque, Salley has added that a tense situation has been prevalent in the area ever since the attack on the Dambulla mosque that was led by a mob of Rajapaksa regime- supporters and extremist Buddhist monks.

He has furthermore stated that despite the Muslims in the area being interested in settling the issue amicably, certain parties have continued to stir up trouble while the government has turned a blind eye on the attacks. Therefore, Salley has urged the Police to ensure that immediate action is taken to prevent unwanted tension in the area.

Meanwhile, the Police Spokesman’s office however stated that they believe the mosque has been attacked by several firecrackers and it has resulted in minor damages to the roof.

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