Wimal And Fonseka Fail In Uva

The Uva Provincial Council Election has been a disappointment not only to the ruling UPFA but also two smaller political parties, Wimal Weerawansa’s National Freedom Front and Sarath Fonseka’s Democratic Party.

The NFF, which is a part of the UPFA, decided to run for the election alone in Badulla District. Not only did it fail to win representation, it has not polled a significant amount of votes. It has received 4,835 votes which is merely 1.10% of the votes casted.

Meanwhile, the Democratic Party led by Sarath Fonseka, which had impressive performances in the recently held Provincial Council Elections, has performed poorly in Badulla. It has just 3,202 votes at 0.73%.

Meanwhile, the DP won only 2,874 votes (1.19%) in Monaragala.

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