Timing of Jayalalithaa case targets Dravidian polity

swamy 3Tamil Nadu Chief Minister and AIADMK Chief Ms J Jayalalithaa has been sentenced on Saturday to 4 years of imprisonment, Rs. 100 crore fine and has been debarred from contesting elections for six years after the completion of the prison term by a special court of India, in a 18-year-old disproportionate assets case. Last month, New Delhi’s Central Bureau of Investigation filed a new telecommunication corruption case against a former DMK minister and a Malaysian corporate owner of Eezham Tamil origin, in addition to earlier cases on DMK leaders. The New Delhi government stridently opposes and blocks any UN or international scrutiny on crimes committed in the island of Sri Lanka. Ms Jayalalithaa, personally as well as through Tamil Nadu State Assembly, has been demanding international investigations on the genocide in the island. 

The timing of the judicial measures, politically and geopolitically targets Dravidian polity in Tamil Nadu that challenges the ‘Hindutva’ polity’s imperialist vision, which doesn’t shun complicity in the genocide of Eezham Tamils, political observers in Chennai said. 

New Delhi’s partnership with Colombo in the genocidal-military engineering in the region is the core factor behind the unfolding developments related to Tamil Nadu, the observers further said. 

Citing political unrest in Tamil Nadu following the court verdict on Saturday, BJP’s Strategic Action Committee chairman Subramanian Swamy, who had originally filed the case against Ms Jayalalithaa in 1996, has already started demanding dismissal of the Tamil Nadu government and ‘presidential rule’ in the State. 

While individual misappropriation of public funds are heard, decided, publicized and used, en bloc misappropriation of the lands and resources of the whole nation of Eezham Tamils takes place by the larger designs of the New Delhi Establishment. New Delhi’s approach to Tamil Nadu is no more ‘national’. It is international imperialistic and geopolitical. The Tamil Nadu polity has to be awakened to the larger realities and should respond in intelligent ways, the political observers in Chennai said. 

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