Tamil mother enraged and frustrated by Presidential Inquiry into Disappearances

A mother making a complaint at the Presidential Commission of Inquiry into the Disappeared, stormed out after the commission hearing in Mulangavil asked her if she wanted to get involved in poultry farming.

After leaving the hearing in frustration, shouting at the Commission officials in an enraged outpour, the mother said,

“Who are you fooling, you cannot fool god. I want my child. My child came into army control I don’t know whether they shot him. They ( Sri Lankan Army) shot our children and are now looking for our children 5 years later. All this government does in Vanni is tell lies and kill the poor. No amount of chickens can substitute the worth of my son.”

Presidential Commission of Inquiry into Disappearances lacks credibility – CPA (02 October 2014)

‘Deceptive’ Presidential Commission on Missing Persons an attempt to mislead people – TNA(17 August 2014)

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