BBS wants Sri Lanka named ‘Sinhale’

The Bodu Bala Sena (BBS), revealing details of its policy framework, said today the name Sri Lanka should be changed to ‘Sinhale’ and the state flag should be the one used prior to 1815.

It also proposes that the executive presidency and the provincial council system be abolished; the name of the parliament changed and the number of parliamentarians reduced to 100.

“The country should have a post of ‘Sangaraja’ as the spiritual leader and he should also be the leader of the state. All the decisions with regard to Buddhism should be taken by him. However, the religious freedom should be secured. There will be no discrimination,” BBS Chief Executive Officer Dilantha Vithanage said.

He said the BBS would discuss these matters with political parties, civil society groups and diplomats in future.(Lahiru Pothmulla and Yoshitha Perera)6

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