Sri Lankan Tamil activist hospitalized after attack by assailants

A Tamil human rights advocate  was attacked and beaten with iron rods following a meeting with other activists in Vavuniya. Krishnapillai Thevarasa, president of the Vavuniya Citizens Committee, says he was beaten Wednesday evening after planning a demonstration against the government with other rights activists.

avatar92“On my way home … while I was riding my motorcycle, I was assaulted by four men with iron rods,” Thevarasa said by telephone from a hospital where he is recovering. It is suspected that the attackers are men working for government who wants to coverup  its War Crime.

Earlier in the day, Thevarasa had met with activists to plan a peaceful demonstration against the government, scheduled for October 10, to demand the release of prominent Tamil activist Mrs Jeyakumari Belandran. Mrs Belandran, who had campaigned for people who disappeared during Sri Lanka’s civil war, was arrested and detained by government authorities since March.

Thevarasa says his assailants, who were Sinhale soldiers, threatened him with death, warning him not to stage the protest or he will be killed. “While they were attacking, they said that there should not be a demonstration against the government,” he said. “The attackers closed my mouth and dragged me to an isolated paddy field near the main road and the intention was to kill me.”  Thevarasa underwent surgery to repair damage to his left hand; he said he also sustained injuries to his shoulders, arms and legs.

Chaminda Rathnakumar, the officer in charge of the local police force, said that police have launched an investigation into the beating. “Nobody has been arrested yet,” he said. 

The attacks on Tamils who support the investigation of the forced dissapearence by the Government forces are never investigated due to governments policy of covering up the crimes done by its forces on Tamil community. The police will never arrest any one and the investigation is a eye wash to the world by the racist government.

Thevarasa’s colleagues say the attack is another example of how activists are threatened and attacked with impunity in Sri Lanka. Few attackers are ever arrested, said E.C. Achuthanaayar, the Vavuniya Citizens Committee’s media coordinator.

“We will organize a series of demonstrations all over the country until Jeyakumari and other political prisoners will be released,” he said.

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