I am the common candidate of Sinhala Racists

Dr.-Omalpe-Sobitha-Thera-21buddhist-monks-protest-in-colombo-31President Mahinda Rajapaksa is known to be a man who never keeps his promises and only works towards keeping him and his family members in power. He changed the constitution so that he can contest for the third term as President. Ten years ago he promised to abolish the current Presidential  system, but has never done it and wants to contest for another 5 year term. He is good at creating Commissions but he will never implement the recommendations if it is not beneficiary to his family.

He is the most unpopular Sinhala politician among the Tamil community. He is accused of heading the Sinhala forces who killed more than 100,000 Tamil Civilians. He and his brother Gotha and there Sinhala  Army is accused of raping and killing Tamil girls and killing more than 1000 LTTE Leaders and their family members who surrendered with white flag after UN negotiated the White flag surrender.

sri lankaPresident Mahinda Rajapaksa says he is the only common candidate in Sri Lankan politics as several political parties are behind him (thats including Racists parties of the country). Speaking at a function in Polgahawela, the President said that all others who claim to be the common candidate and want to contest the next Presidential elections are, in reality, just individual candidates as they do not have the backing of most political parties and the public. He is known to have bought opposition politicians by paying money and other favours and ‘Minister’ posts.

President Rajapaksa says he and his Government will contest for a third term in office and will win comfortably.

He urged the public to back him further as he is the only common candidate in Sri Lanka and whoever comes forward to contest the next Presidential election will not have the same support he has.

10678640_732681696802609_2218721532253055532_nThe President also slammed the opposition for accusing the Government of being corrupt in its deals when developing the country. He says the public are aware of the truth.

He plays the ‘Divide and rule’ game among Russia-China and America-India to cover-up the war crimes committed by his Army in 2009.

He says the opposition is also critical of the decision taken by the Government to build a new port city with Chinese investments. However the President says the Government will continue with developing the country despite all the allegations.

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