”Ministry of External Affairs maintained relationships with companies owned by LTTE” says Tamara.

Former diplomat Tamara Kunanyakam says , state sectors such as parliament, judiciary system, political parties, democratic organizations and organizations maintains close ties with ministry of external affairs are dropped out. 

During an interview with local Television, diplomat went on to say, The Ministry of External Affairs never allowed me to engage in my duties.

I fought against on passing resolution against SriLanka at the United Nation Human Rights Commission.

The Ministry of External Affairs ordered me not to hold discussions with US, however they carry out secret mission to maintain cooperation with US.

During my period I was able to recall the US resolution presented against SriLanka.

Today state has been hijacked by a cartel. They always work according to their personal agenda.

dog-3Present Secretary to the Ministry of External Affairs , Shenuka Senaviratne earlier served as the Permanent Representative Geneva, During her period she maintained relationships with companies owned by LTTE. Construction Company owned by LTTE, constructed the official residence of Lankan permanent representative to Geneva. During my period I ordered for an audit. If the enemies construct our house, they could closely monitor all are activities and well aware on our secret missions.

One month before the UNHRC session, they appointed me as the permanent representative to Geneva. On this period the United States of America was scheduled to pass resolution against SriLanka.

They failed to instruct me on diplomatic progress against the US resolution.

I informed the government that I will visit SriLanka to obtain the advice. Ministry of External Affairs refused to grant permission this regard.

President ordered me to visit SriLanka. I visited SriLanka. However Sajin Vass and the Minister expressed anger over me and stated that I have violated the diplomatic orders.

I was unaware of diplomatic steps to be taken against US and visited SriLanka obtain clear advice on future diplomatic progress.

Tamara Kunanayakam expressed complete disappointment over the way government treat diplomats of this island.

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