criminalBy Sulochana Ramiah Mohan

The European Union (EU) is closely monitoring the recent developments in Sri Lanka, including the domestic reconciliation process.
EU Ambassador to Sri Lanka and the Maldives, David Daly, told Ceylon Today, that the Presidential Commission appointed to probe the missing persons is a recent development and the EU has always encouraged Sri Lanka. .to have its own strong independent credible domestic process, which is a part of the US resolution placed in Geneva.

He said, “Whether the recent development constitutes that or not, ‘that remains to be seen’ and too early to comment on it.”
When asked whether a domestic process using international experts on human rights is welcomed by the EU, the Ambassador said, “It’s a good development if it brings concrete results and improvements.” He added that probing human rights violations is extremely complex and it’s important to see how the resources are used, as well as the conduct of the hearings on the missing persons.

“All what I can say is that, the EU is closely following it up and monitoring the new developments in relation to the reconciliation process.” On the EU annulling the restrictions on the LTTE, the ambassador said they were studying the case very carefully and that they will reflect on all options open to them before responding. “At this point, we cannot do anything since it is very normal in EU countries. The EU functions on a set of democracies where the law applies to the judiciary system and rulings. People can say, people can evaluate it and people can respond to it,” he explained.

He added, “EU countries are against terrorism and that is on top of all agendas and there are lots of different measures that EU takes every single day in addition to fighting terrorism. We all take measures within the law and we are studying the Court hearing and will continue to do so.” On the question how the EU views Sri Lanka in countering terrorism and taking measures to prevent the LTTE regrouping, Ambassador Daly said, “Be it the UK, Ireland, Sri Lanka or the EU, we all should be very measured in our responses, in our actions on counterterrorism and on the security measures. Whatever the measure we take, it should be within the law, be lawful, and abide by the law, which is the fundamental principle.”

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