Top Tiger arrested at BIA

nazi mahinda 2Sri Lankan government who are opposed to European Union Court delisting the LTTE as a terrorist organisation wants to show that LTTE is alive and are suddenly started arresting LTTE Leaders. It is said that Sri Lankan army will arrest more innocent Tamils  in future to show that LTTE is active.

A prominent member of the LTTE’s armed and intelligence wings, who had evaded arrest and rehabilitation after the war, was arrested by the Terrorism Investigation Division (TID) at the Bandaranaike International Airport (BIA) on Saturday night (18), while attempting to leave for Qatar.

Meanwhile, an LTTE leader, who had planned the attack on a navy bus, was also arrested last week in Vavuniya, a senior military official said. Both men had not been arrested previously.

The security forces have uncovered details about a number of such individuals from former LTTE cadres who have been arrested recently while attempting to leave the country.
The TID has informed the security at the BIA about these individuals and their details have been entered into the BIA security database.

Sajin slams UNP on Geneva allegations

External Affairs Ministry Monitoring MP Sajin de Vass Gunawardena today slammed the opposition UNP in Parliament when the UNP raised questions over the controversy surrounding the renovation of the official residence of the Permanent Representative in Geneva, which was reportedly awarded to an LTTE affiliated company.

The Government MP said that while the UNP is raising allegations over the contract issued to renovate the Geneva Mission, the UNP was known to have had ties with the LTTE.

UNP deputy leader Sajith Premadasa said that the Government often accused the UNP of being unpatriotic while the Government claimed it was patriotic. He however questioned if awarding the contract to renovate the Geneva Mission, to an LTTE affiliated company a few years back was patriotic. Premadasa questioned who was behind the awarding of the contract to such a company, an allegation which had surfaced based on an audit report issued following the renovation of the building.

MP Sajin de Vass Gunawardena, responding to the allegation raised by the UNP MP, said that it was the UNP which gave arms and funds to the LTTE and not the UPFA Government. This was said in view of than President Premadasa who opposed India supported the LTTE to fight the Indian peace keeping forces, He said that when the UNP points a finger at the Government, nine fingers are pointed back at the UNP. 

A UNP supporter said that Mahinda Rajapaksha is accused of funding LTTE to stop the Tamils in North from voting in the presidential election as the Tamils in the north were supporting Ranil, hence due to LTTE stopping the Tamils in the North from voting Rajapaksha won by a narrow margin.

Video: Inefficient Foreign Service led to ECJ ruling: UNP

The main opposition United National Party (UNP) today accused the government of failing to maintain an efficient Foreign Service and instead it was blaming the UNP for the European Court of Justice (ECJ) lifting the sanctions placed on the LTTE.

“The UPFA Government should take responsibility for the ban on LTTE finances being lifted by the ECJ. The government has failed to maintain an efficient Foreign Service and has not held state level talks to prevent this from happening. The Government is now going round in circles and attempting to cover up its failure by blaming the UNP,” UNP spokesman Gayantha Karunathilake told a news conference while commenting on the October 16 ECJ ruling on the LTTE which was listed as a terrorist organisation by the EU in 2006.

He said the Government was ignoring experienced diplomats who had fought LTTE terrorism internationally. “But instead had attacked and removed these talented diplomats,” he added.


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