We Are Ashamed Of The Current State Of The Country: Champika Ranawaka

champika-ranawakaUPFA coalition member party – Jathika Hela Urumaya (JHU) and government Minister Champika Ranawakahas said he is ashamed and angered about the present state of affairs in the country and of the multiple chances that were missed by the Rajapaksa regime to change the country’s governance system for the better.

Minister Champika Ranawaka

In an interview with the local mainstream Sinhala newspaper, Lankadeepa Ranawaka has pledged they have embarked on a journey to stand up and respond to those who deceived the masses, pointing out that despite the momentous people’s mandate which this government received, the Rajapaksa regime has failed to take concrete steps to do what is best for the country and its people.

“Individuals are not important to us and this government should firstly keep it in their minds. . . This country needs a social, political and economic transformation and we are ready to work with any group that is interested in creating that shift. Even Mahinda Rajapaksa can do it but for that he needs to return to the positions he maintained in 2005,” Ranawaka has stated in the interview adding, “Despite the significant power the present government wields, what have they done? There was plenty of scope to establish the Jana Sabha concept to empower district secretariats and implement changes to the electoral system. But nothing has been done – the government is in a precarious position. . .”

He has gone on to state the government has failed to translate their election triumphs into a political victory.

“The UNP, despite losing the election appears to have won because those who were supporting the government have shifted their support sensing the erosion – the government has lost the support of social groups, entrepreneurs and businessmen who were earlier backing them,” Ranawaka has stated.

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