Diplomat Of_the_yearBy Sulochana Ramiah Mohan

A confidential report, containing written submissions of 28 persons, with regard to the fracas between former Sri Lankan High Commissioner to Britain, Dr. Chris Nonis and Monitoring MP External Affairs Ministry, Sajin Vaas Gunawardene, in New York recently, had been submitted to President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

Ceylon Today is in possession of this report, which was submitted to the President by the Ministry of External Affairs in Colombo. All written submissions are in the nature of criticizing Dr. Nonis over the reported incident.
The Ministry, on the directives of the President, called for an inquiry into the incident. Accordingly, 28 persons had sent in written submissions denying an incident of assault on Dr. Nonis.

However, when contacted, Dr. Nonis said he was ‘unlawfully’ assaulted by Monitoring MP Sajin Vaas Gunawardene and added he was a professional and did not want to continue in that office following the incident. He further said, “On the very same day of the incident, I tendered my resignation and the Ministry accepted it on 3 October. In my resignation I thanked the President for giving me an opportunity to serve the country for two years.”

Among the 28 persons who had given written submissions was Dilan Ariyawansa, in New York, who had organized the party at which the said incident occurred. He said, in his submission, that there was social drinking with music and he saw Dr. Nonis seated on a high stool losing his balance and falling on to the ground.
Sri Lankan Ambassador to the United States, Prasad Kariyawasam, who accompanied Dr. Nonis to the party has stated; “I was listening to the music and later came to know that Dr. Nonis had left the venue.”

None of the eye-witnesses have stated about witnessing an assault incident as per the written submissions sent to Colombo.
The Ministry had submitted a report containing the evidence sent to it to the President with no observations at Ministerial level.

The evidence also included a letter dated 10 October 2014 undersigned by 10 staff of the UK Mission, namely, Acting HC – Chamari Rodrigo, Minister /Commerce, Sonali Wijeratne, Minister Education, Dr Kokila Waidyaratne, Minister Consular and Immigration, Lalith Sepala Ratnayake, Minister Counsellor / Administration, Niranjan Pathiratne, Counsellor/Political and Public Affairs, K.K. Yoganaadan, Third Secretary D.A.S. Wijewantha, Second Secretary Muttu Padmakumaran, Attache/Administration J.M.G. Jayasundera and Attache/Consular, H.K.G. Sarathchandra.

28 Persons Including Envoy Prasad Kariyawasam Deny Sajin Assaulting Nonis Incident in Writing to President Rajapaksa.

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