Who is the Tiger Diaspora representative Mahinda Rajapakse met secretly in U.S.?

images(Lanka-e-News- 27.Oct.2014, 9.25PM) UNP and opposition leader Ranil Wickremesinghe challenged the government to reveal details of the Tiger Diaspora representative who Mahinda Rajapakse met with during his recent tour of America. It is President Mahinda Rajapakse who is working on behalf of the tiger Diaspora while falsely fastening the label of ‘Tiger’ on the UNP , and making a hue and cry about it , Ranil accused with supporting evidence.

Wickremesinghe while refuting the baseless charges leveled against the UNP , said , despite the people of the country making protests demanding the abolition of the executive Presidency , the President who says he cannot yield to the people’s demands , has announced that he would abolish the executive Presidency if the Tamil Diaspora makes a request clearly confirming this allegation against him is true. Ranil made these comments exposing the conspiracy hatched by the President in collusion with the Tigers , when he met with the Colombo district women’s representatives at Colombo Mayor’s official residence.

Our Tamil people of the country and the TNA are accepting the 13 th amendment to the constitution , and they are not opposed to the country’s unitary state . Then why is Mahinda Rajapakse so concerned about the Diaspora more than the people of the country and their opinion ? This is crystal clear index that it is Mahinda Rajapakse the very President of the country who is working on behalf of the Tiger Diaspora though the government is screaming against the UNP .

The President’s categorical assurance and announcement that he would abolish the executive Presidency only if the Tamil Diaspora requests , and that he would not yield to the demands of the people is absolute testimony bearing out this truth . ‘Of course , this concern of the President for the Tamil Diaspora does not spring a surprise to us. This is because in 2005 , Mahinda Rajapakse was propelled to the Presidential post by this same Tamil Diaspora .’

‘I read what journalist BBS Jeyaraj had written on how Mahinda Rajapakse , Velupillai Prabhakaran and LTTE got together in 2005 to defeat me at the Presidential elections. It was Mahinda Rajapakse who gave leadership to the Tamil Diaspora and gave money to the LTTE organization. It was not I who did that. At that time late Sripathy Sooriyarachchi proved it with evidence ,’ Ranil asserted.

Sooriyarachchi M.P. who knew all details with proof suddenly met with an accident mysteriously , how was that ?

Mahinda Rajapakse who went to America to attend the UN conference , stayed back for several days in America after the conference . During that stay he met with a representative of the Tamil Diaspora. It is the duty of the President to disclose to the country immediately who is this representative he met .

I had made it abundantly clear that I did not meet anybody of the Tamil Diaspora in England . The Silumina newspaper itself had reported that the allegations are false. In the circumstances , it is the absolute duty of the President to immediately tell the country who are those of the Diaspora he met in America.

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