Thundering wakeup call from voiceless people of Sri Lankla

Don’t blame the Koslanda victimsWireAP_eeeea147307549d19b236c07c3101435_16x9_992“The minister said the Plantation Industries Ministry Secretary has already taken measures to find out why these plantation workers failed to follow the instructions of the NBRO….”

But, the question that begs an answer from the Minister is where the poor workers were supposed to go?

If, the NBRO, three years ago, had forewarned that the disaster area was landslide susceptible, what did the government do to alleviate the situation?
Did they take measures to provide those plantation workers with alternate accommodation in safe areas? Did they also, if they had made such arrangements, also ensured, that not only their lives, but their livelihoods would also be protected?

If such arrangements were made, why didn’t those victim plantation workers move across to those safer areas? If however, such safe areas and dwelling places were not provided by the government, complemented by ensuring that their livelihoods and their children’s schooling were also ensured, why did the government not move in that direction?…………   read more 

Thundering wakeup call from voiceless peopl

If postmortem examinations have value, then the government and estate people’s leaders like Minister Arumugam Thondaman need to reflect on whether they have got their priorities right, whether priority was given to expressways and other mega projects while the linerooms of the poorest of the poor are still not much better than they were decades ago.

 About one-and-a-half million people or some 5 percent of Sri Lanka’s 21 million population work in the tea sector. A recent national poverty study noted that 11.4 percent of these families lived below the national poverty line of Rs 3,028 a month.  ……………….   read all

Bishop of Badulla decries bid to blame Koslanda victims

Rt. Rev. Fernando said that it was unfair for anyone to propagate such an opinion when those facing the risk were never provided with alternative land. Those who uttered lies to cover up their failure should be ashamed of, he said.

Responding to a query, the Bishop said that the church would vigorously take up their case unless the government responded to their needs.”We’ll not remain silent,” the Bishop said…………………………………….  .READ ALL 

Shelters Fill up After Deadly Sri Lanka Mudslide

Disaster relief officials estimate that at least 100 people were killed Wednesday when monsoon rains unleashed a cascade of muddy earth at the Koslanda plantation in Badulla district, about 140 miles (220 kilometers) east of Colombo. The death toll has yet to be confirmed, and many villagers believe the figure could exceed 200.

Officials have been releasing conflicting numbers since Wednesday, with initial reports saying more than 250 persons could have been buried……………….. READ ALL 

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