UNP,JVP, JHU, Sobitha Thera join forces

Ranil-Wickramasinghe (1)A joint Opposition front is to be unveiled in Colombo next Tuesday with the government due to announce the date for the next national level election on Nov. 19.

Informed sources said that the UNP, the JVP , the JHU and the Movement for Justice headed by Ven. Maduluwave Sobitha Thera would jointly unveil their ‘political programme’ at a meeting scheduled to be held at Muttiah Park in Colombo 2.

Asked if the meeting had been called to announce the formation of the Joint Opposition Front (JOF) for the next presidential election, a spokesman for the group answered in the affirmative.”Yes, since all of us are committed to the abolition of the executive presidency, re-establishment of the Independent Commissions abolished by the 18th Amendment to the Constitution and also the enactment of a right to information act among other measures needed to re-establish democracy and the rule of law. We have decided to work together.”

The spokesman noted that the proposals for constitutional change put forward by the Pivithuru Hetak movement headed by the JHU’s Rathana Thera had been adopted by the JOF and it would be an ideal staring point to abolish the presidential system of government which had proved to be the biggest stumbling block to establishing good governance and eliminating unprecedented corruption at the highest levels.

He said that they were having talks with a cross section of political parties both in and outside government and their membership was bound to swell in the coming weeks.

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