ECJ to review lifting of LTTE ban before 15 Jan


The next hearing on the annulling of the restrictions imposed on the LTTE at the European Court of Justice (ECJ) will take place before 15 January 2015, according the French Ambassador, Jean-Paul Monchau.
The French Envoy said before 15 January, the matter will be reviewed and brought forth in Brussels.
He added, that annulling of the restrictions on the LTTE is the decision of the ECJ at the moment. “What you should know is that justice is totally a separate power in the EU countries and EU has a Parliament, a commission and a council and they have their Court.”

Explaining further as to how the LTTE matter came to ECJ, he said, “The Court received a complaint several years ago that the inscription of the LTTE as a terrorist organization is not legal for many reasons. The Court finally decided that it should be annulled however, the ambassador continued state the matter has not ended as yet.”

He stressed that while the LTTE restriction was annulled, at the same time the court also said they would keep the effect of this restriction for the next three months to see the possibility of reinstating it. “I know it surprised many people. But it’s not the end of the story. We have a court which can tell the Council of the EU what is good and the Council has to correct it. There are no other intentions as many think.”

When asked who asked the ECJ to review the annulling of the restriction, the ambassador pointed out that still the EU considers the LTTE as a terrorist organization and the court has given three months to review the effects of the decision. Council will review the work which has been done.
“The objective is to keep the LTTE listed as a terrorist organization. Much material taking from many other EU countries can be shown to prove why it should be listed. That provision is there,” he stressed.

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