Communist Party In Crisis: Central Committee Divided Over supporting MR

Communist Party In Crisis: Central Committee Divided Over supporting MR

fonsekaA heated debate had broken out in the Central Committee meeting of the Communist Party of Sri Lanka due to a proposal that the party should support President Mahinda Rajapaksa in the next presidential election.

The General Secretary of the party DEW Gunasekera has made this proposal on the Central Committee (CC) meeting on Sunday, November 9. Member of the CC of CPSL Raja Uswatakeyiyava said that the proposal was passed with a majority. While there were 26 votes for the proposal, 14 votes were against. One member reportedly abstained from voting……………..   READ MORE

Fonseka Reunites With Tiran: Democratic Party Splits

Former Army Commander and Leader of the Democratic Party Sarath Fonseka and DNA Parliamentarian Tiran Alles – who were earlier at loggerheads with each other – have arrived at a fresh understanding just two months ahead of the presidential election.

Highly placed political sources revealed Asian Mirror that Fonseka had agreed to pledge his support consolidate UNP Leader Ranil Wickremesinghe’s position as the potential presidential candidate of the party. According to the agreement, Fonseka, Who was the presidential candidate backed by the common opposition in 2010, had agreed to work together with Premadasa to field the UNP leader as the presidential candidate……………..  READ MORE

DP alleges its PC members bought over

The Democratic Party (DP) said today it would take legal action against the three Provincial Councillors who joined the government and alleged that they crossed over for personal gains.  DP Western Provincial Councillor Aruna Deepal said the Provincial Councillors crossed over to the government after the government promised to offer them Rs. 50 million and a vehicle permit.
“It is regrettable that these Councillors who were elected by anti-government votes have joined the government for Rs. 50 million and a vehicle permit. Their fate will be decided at a public Court in the future. We will take legal action against them after it is referred to the disciplinary committee. The legal documents in this regard were being processed right now,” Mr. Deepal said. …………...- See more at:

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