Sri Lanka MP’s for Sale – Crossovers in the offing

sri lankaIt has been predicted that as soon as President Mahinda Rajapaksa officially announces the holding of a Presidential Election, several members of various political parties will crossover to the other side.
While the government has declared…

…that many UNPers as well as members of other Opposition Parties have decided to join the government soon, the Opposition too has announced that many government members lay in wait to crossover to their side.
Jathika Hela Urumaya President, Athuruliye Rathana Thera on 12 November, at a meeting titled ‘Cleaner Tomorrow’, claimed that 15 members of the government had personally promised him that they would join his party as soon as the President made the announcement of a Presidential Election on 19 November.

unnamedThe signs however, are clear; with the demand for the abolition of the Executive Presidency growing stronger and the movement to declare the upcoming Presidential Election as illegal, gaining momentum, the political landscape is being prepared for a number of crossovers.

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