“I Feel Sorry For The President”; Rajiva To Follow JHU Path

UPFA National List Parliamentarian Dr. Rajiv Wijesinha today said he would not be in a position to support President Mahinda Rajapaksa if the government did not respond to his proposals.

Speaking to ‘Asian Mirror’, Dr. Wijesinha said his proposals with regard to strengthening good governance and democracy have been sent to the government months ago. “But, my letters have not elicited any response,” the Parliamentarian said.

gota-and-mahindaThe Parliamentarian said in no uncertain terms that he would not President Rajapaksa at the upcoming if the UPFA failed to respond to his proposals.

“I have no issue with the President. He is a good man. But, those who have surrounded him are a bunch of crooks,” Dr. Wijesinha told in a brief telephone interview ‘Asian Mirror’ this morning.

“I feel sorry for the President,” the Parliamentarian added.

However, the Parliamentarian rubbished the rumours that he was preparing for a crossover to the opposition.

“There is no truth in such claims. Crossover claims are just nonsense. I have already made my position clear and my standpoint has not changed,” the UPFA Parliamentarian said.

Dr. Wijesinha, over the past few years, has been a vociferous critique of the  conduct of the External Affairs Ministry and its Minister Professor G.L. Peiris.

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