Minister Navin to CROSS OVER?

11_rakapaksa_r_w_LRGMy dad armed Mahattaya says Sajith

United National Party (UNP) Deputy Leader Sajith Premadasa says his father armed Gopalaswamy Mahendraraja, also known as Mahattaya, in an attempt to split the LTTE.

Speaking at an event in Tissamaharama today, Premadasa said that his father, former Prime Minister Ranasinghe Premadasa, had not armed Mahattaya to split the country but split the LTTE………………  READ ALL

Of that elephantine dilemma

Everybody knew there would be a snap presidential election early next year and now President Mahinda Rajapaksa has announced it officially. The SLFP has unanimously decided that he will be the presidential candidate.  Who will be fielded by either the UNP or the Opposition to face President Rajapaksa? The UNP’s kept on saying it would reveal the name of its candidate immediately after a presidential election was declared.

Speculation is rife that the UNP is likely to announce its candidate today after its Working Committee meeting. The Jumbo Party is in an elephantine dilemma. On the one hand, it is under pressure from some of its senior members to nominate its leader Ranil Wickremesinghe and on the other some Opposition parties are of the view that Karu Jayasuriya will be a better choice. There are still others who insist that a total outsider be brought in as the common candidate………….  READ MORE 

Minister Navin boycotts budget debate

There is a rumour that Dissanayake would cross over and the Minister has spoken openly about the mistreatment he receives from the government. Dissanayake was in Nuwara Eliya in the last few days taking part in various events………… READ MORE 

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