MR says he has files on the defectors – BLACK MAIL BY PRESIDENT?

hitlerUNP’s who’s  ‘Files’ are with President to CROSS OVER next week?

SLPE’s who’s ‘Files’ are with the President will continue to stay with the government.

President Mahinda Rajapaksa today warned that he had “files” on those who had defected from the Government but will not use it against them.

A Government supporter said that If the President had files on ‘corruption(?)’ on the people who are in is government  as he says it, It is wrong for him to hold on to it. If he was a Honest leader he must take action immediately has and when he received the ‘FILES’. But by keeping them and NOT taking action against them brings up so many unanswered questions.

1. Why din’t he take action immediately on receiving the reports on the ‘Files’ on these members? Is this against the Law? Withholding information on corruption and breaking the Law of the Country? 

2. Was he using these ‘Files’ to BLACKMAIL them? and is he doing it to other SLFP members with him?

3. How many of his Party members ‘Files’ are with him and how long has he been blackmailing them for? Is it not, Blackmailing a Crime in Sri Lanka?

4. His brother was openly accused of taking 10% commission from Government contracts, Has he got that ‘File’ too? and why din’t he take action against him?

5. Most of his Family members are well known for taking commission on foreign contracts, has he got ‘Files’ of these?

6. Wimal Weerawansa was accused by his secretary for wrongdoings in the press, has he got the ‘File’ and is this the reason why Wimal is waging his tail to President?

7. When Muslims and Mosques were attacked and the Police turned a blind eye, the SLMC Leaders continued to stay with the government. Why? has the President got ‘Files’ on the SLMC Leaders?

8. When the Upcountry Tamils the poorest in Sri Lanka and are still treated badly  by the Government, Why is Thondaman and his party supporting this Racist government? Has the President got a ‘File’ on Thondaman?

9. The Communist Party MP’s who say that they are NOT happy with some of the government policies and wants the Executive President System abolished are stil supporting the President. Why ? does the President have ‘Files’ on them?

10. After So many years supporting the President Douglas Devananda is unable to implement the Promised 13+ amendment or even the the 13th amendment of the current constitution of the country, but continues to support Mahinda. Why ? does the President have ‘Files’ on him?

11. Cricketer Muraleetharan supported Genocide by Rajapaksha whe commonwealth was held in Sri Lanka. Why? was the President using the ‘Files’ on his business man brother’s imports  to do that?

12. How Many UNP’s ‘Files has he got? We will know them before January 8th,  as they will be ‘Joining’ the government.

13. Karuna and Pillayan supports President in the East…………….. YES THE PRESIDENT HAS THEIR ‘FILES’, EVEN THE BEGGAR ON THE ROAD KNOWS IT.

This is the kind of BLACKMAIL done in Sri Lanka by its Leaders on its members. The JVP, JHU and TNA are the ONLY three main party members who has clean hands…..  ie; Mahinda has NO ‘Files’ on them.

Speaking at an event after opening the newly reconstructed A12 road between Anuradhapura and Trincomalee, the President said that the doors of the Government is like a salon where anyone can enter and anyone can leave. The President noted that so many members of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP), including former President Chandrika Kumarathunga, had left and rejoined but he never did.

He said that there is freedom within the SLFP and the Government and everyone enjoys that freedom to support him (as long as he holds their ‘Files’).

“I must say one thing to those who left. I have files on them but I will not use it. I am not that kind of person (who respects the Law of the Country),” he said.

The President advised the defectors to be wise in their actions, adding that he is someone who does what he says and says what he does (Blackmail?).


”Why did not you take action against those who have files? Why are you protecting those people? It is a offence to protect people who plunder national wealth. We wants to know where is your and your brothers files” 

 ”Blackmail, in this case claimed only to be a threat, is disgraceful. This is not the way I want my country ruled!”

”His threat itself shows that he is scared, War winning Mahinda Rajapakshe could have ruled the country for many more years, if not for corruption, bribery, family rule, interference in judiciary and harassing minorities. The economy was wasted in Hambantota airport, harbour and jumbo cabinet. Sin will never go unpunished.The victory of MS is imminent and inevitable”

”You are the worst head of state in the world. If you have these files of corruption why don’t you punish these politicians rather than waiting to blackmail them”.

”What kind of “files”? Does it mean that he has some dirty info about them? If so, what does that that says about his own government and the ministers? That he let dirty and corrupt politicians join in and form a government with him? If he’s an honest president, a leader of the country, then he would let go of every single dirty and corrupt minister and politician in his own government.”


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