Nothing beyond the implementation of the 13th Amendment says UNP and Chandrika!

78554_sampanthan-chandrika-03It is alleged that Tamil National Alliance (TNA) Leader R. Sampanthan had discussions with former President Chandrika Kumaratunga on Sunday (23) asking beyond the 13th Amendment. The TNA is asking for implementing the 13th Amendment, bringing in changes in the Eastern Provincial Council (EPC) and in changing the governors of the North and East.

Kumaratunga in reply, had told Sampanthan not to seek anything beyond the implementation of the 13th Amendment as per the countries constitution..

UNP has already announced that they will NOT go anything beyond 13th amendment and would not allow government leaders to be hauled up before any international war crimes tribunal.

It is claimed that few diaspora organisations are debating  “Whether TNA should support any of the Presidential contesters of the genocidal State or to keep quite leaving the choice of the next government to the conscience of the Sinhala nation, the informed sources said”.

The view of Tamil Leaders is that they must vote in the election together as it is a close fight between Mahinda and Maithiri and if the Tamil and Muslims vote together  than their choice will win and they can live with equal rights in their homes.

2015 January presidential election will be decided by the 1.5 million Tamil and Muslim votes, if 60% of them go to polls.

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