Some ministers say they won’t quit the Govt.

ba5d38b89bc1c6d65a2f54402356690d_L (1)Some ministers said today they were in favour of abolishing the executive presidency or to at least prune its powers and would continue the struggle to bring these about.

At a media conference held Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) head office, the ministers — many of whom were mentioned in the media as possible crossovers to the opposition when asked by a journalist about the President’s statement that he held the files of several ministers to be used if and when necessary — said it was not the correct thing to do or to say.

However, they said this was not the right time to abolish the executive presidency or prune its powers because of the international conspiracy against the government and added that while remaining in the Government, they would continue their fight to abolish it.

Minor Export Crop Promotion Minister Reginald Cooray said there had been an ideological and visionary agitation to abolish the executive presidency from the day it was introduced into the Constitution of Sri Lanka because such a move was extremely important for good governance and the wellbeing of society.

Commenting on the pledges given by President Rajapaksa in 2005 and 2010 in his Mahinda Chintana manifestos to abolish the executive presidency, Minister Cooray said when considering the promise made by certain politicians to obtain rice from the moon the President’s broken promises were not a big deal.

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