“I will exposed you if you cross over,” President

( November 25, 2014, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Dear Mr. President we are no longer a nation based on the ideology of the cancer cell which, as Edward Abbey, a priceless man of our times who speaks out against the unjust in the United States, described as growth for the sake of growth.
It is true that many politicians and bureaucrats including you attempted to make this nation of ostriches, people quite happy to hide their heads in the sand when confront by injustice, but the times are changing, Sri Lanka now is eager to see the positive changes. Once again, the principles of non-violence is growing among the authentic political ideologies.

ba5d38b89bc1c6d65a2f54402356690d_L (1)Do the files on President Rajapaksa and his clan differ in content from the files that he is keeping on others? For one thing the amounts plundered will be unimaginably higher.

It is impressive to listen to the common opposition candidate and the former General Secretary of the ruling party, Maithripala Sirisena, highlight the values of non-violence. However, the journey has just started. There is a long way to go. Real challenges, obstacles and burdens as well as failures are yet to come. It is not easy to get rid of the tyrant who has disabled the morality of the nation.
It has been the main story for most of the media outlets based in Colombo. President Rajapaksa has openly challenged those who crossed over and those who are planning to walk out on him in the coming few days.
According to the president, he has files of many ministers and others who are licking his feet. The implication being that the very reason of why they are with the president is just because of those files. The bugs may have eaten the facts, but it’s all over the country and no longer invisible to the public that most of politicians in the country have contributed to the ruin of the country and the plunder of public resources.
However, no one knows the contents of those files. But bugs insides the files have revealed that the subjects of those files have aided and abetted the destruction of the stability, integrity and dignity of the country in the name of politics. Every file may have its own own uniqueness or art of the stealing of the public resources. Is this a new type of magic?
“I will not use them against those who had left betraying the party, but I warn them not to throw stones from inside glass houses,” he stressed his “gentlemanly” political tricks in a public function. This is nothing else but the utter bitterness of political opportunism and the reflections of the breakdown of the power he once held.
ba5d38b89bc1c6d65a2f54402356690d_LHis theory of files on others has two faces.
First: the morality of the leadership which he maintained in last decade, and second, the political behaviour and dissimulation of the ruler and his clan and their colleagues.
If the country and the state institutes are deserving of their independent power, the president should submit those files to the Attorney General and the AG should prosecute each case on its merits. But why he does not proceed with due process? It is not because, he is unable to do so, but he has to keep those files under the carpet to protect himself. His politics have become a self destructive parasite.
His theory of files on others in nothing but a deliberate attack on the country itself. This is an indication of the cynical manipulation of the basic norms of the integrity of the nation. This is an indication of the aberration of executive power which was further augmented by the 18th amendment to the constitution. The whole story of dissimulation of the constitutional crisis lies on this basic notion. Why do we need a leader who is protecting thieves to protect himself?
This is an indication of further decay of the moral and ethical quality of the state apparatus. Instead of finding justice according to the law, he used those files to blackmail the thieves to protect and enhance the executive power. The whole story behind the rising of Rajapaksa’s power is based on this deteriorated disagreeable cynical lure. This is nothing but the real nihilism of the “Mahinda Chinthanaya”.
However, he has made the real threat to his thieves who are licking his feet. “I will exposed you if you cross over,” is the basic motto of the president.
But the important challenge is to the public, the people have to decide take all the files, including the known files of Rajapaksa into the public domain.
Do the files on President Rajapaksa and his clan differ in content from the files that he is keeping on others? For one thing the amounts plundered will be unimaginably higher. By announcing the existence of these files on his present and former colleagues President Rajapaksa has truly opened a can of worms. He is not the only person keeping files on others.
The public has files on all those who plundered the nation. The public will decide which kick is suitable to whom. This is only a matter of time.

MR says he has files on the defectors – BLACK MAIL BY PRESIDENT?

President Mahinda Rajapaksa today warned that he had “files” on those who had defected from the Government but will not use it against them.

A Government supporter said that If the President had files on ‘corruption(?)’ on the people who are in is government  as he says it, It is wrong for him to hold on to it. If he was a Honest leader he must take action immediately has and when he received the ‘FILES’. But by keeping them and NOT taking action against them brings up so many unanswered questions.

1. Why din’t he take action immediately on receiving the reports on the ‘Files’ on these members? Is this against the Law? Withholding information on corruption and breaking the Law of the Country? 

2. Was he using these ‘Files’ to BLACKMAIL them? and is he doing it to other SLFP members with him?

3. How many of his Party members ‘Files’ are with him and how long has he been blackmailing them for? Is it not, Blackmailing a Crime in Sri Lanka?

4. His brother was openly accused of taking 10% commission from Government contracts, Has he got that ‘File’ too? and why din’t he take action against him?

5. Most of his Family members are well known for taking commission on foreign contracts, has he got ‘Files’ of these?

6. Wimal Weerawansa was accused by his secretary for wrongdoings in the press, has he got the ‘File’ and is this the reason why Wimal is waging his tail to President?

7. When Muslims and Mosques were attacked and the Police turned a blind eye, the SLMC Leaders continued to stay with the government. Why? has the President got ‘Files’ on the SLMC Leaders?

8. When the Upcountry Tamils the poorest in Sri Lanka and are still treated badly  by the Government, Why is Thondaman and his party supporting this Racist government? Has the President got a ‘File’ on Thondaman?

9. The Communist Party MP’s who say that they are NOT happy with some of the government policies and wants the Executive President System abolished are stil supporting the President. Why ? does the President have ‘Files’ on them?

10. After So many years supporting the President Douglas Devananda is unable to implement the Promised 13+ amendment or even the the 13th amendment of the current constitution of the country, but continues to support Mahinda. Why ? does the President have ‘Files’ on him?

11. Cricketer Muraleetharan supported Genocide by Rajapaksha when commonwealth was held in Sri Lanka. Why? was the President using the ‘Files’ on his business man brother’s imports  to do that?

12. How Many UNP’s ‘Files has he got? We will know them before January 8th,  as they will be ‘Joining’ the government.

13. Karuna and Pillayan supports President in the East…………….. YES THE PRESIDENT HAS THEIR ‘FILES’, EVEN THE BEGGAR ON THE ROAD KNOWS IT.

This is the kind of BLACKMAIL done in Sri Lanka by its Leaders on its members.

The JVP, JHU and TNA are the ONLY three main party members who has clean hands…..  ie; Mahinda has NO ‘Files’ on them.

MR’s “gentle” reminder about files on the defectors

Lanka News Web on Monday, 24 November 2014 12:53

MR’s “gentle” reminder about files on the defectors

President Mahinda Rajapaksa has made “gentle” reminder about the fact that he had “files” on the governing party members who had defected from the government.

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