X Files, Cold Case Files And Rajapaksa’s Bambu Files

ba5d38b89bc1c6d65a2f54402356690d_L (1)By Helasingha Bandara

The most famous files are X files and cold case files. Next will be MR files.

The ‘Files’ story has more significance than most people realise. It is a double edged sword. Mahinda Rajapaksha (MR) can use ‘Files’ story to intimidate the remaining Ministers, MPs and lesser politicians to think twice before crossing over and can use it to prevent the ones who  have already crossed from revealing certain truths. On the other hand the opposition coalition can use the files story to topple MR if they use it wisely.

This writer predicted last week that Suren Surendiren’s unwise and out of place comment would be used by the regime to deceive the masses. By today every Minister, every MP and every lesser politician of the ruling coalition is talking about an international conspiracy of taking MR to The Hague and charge with crimes against humanity and war crimes, if he loses the election. What can you say other than “Olugedi walata henagahalada sihalunne (are the heads of the Singhalese thunder struck?)

Back to Files. MR said;

“I have the files on the dissident politicians, but I won’t use them. I am not that kind of a man”

What kind of a man? A man who is bent on revenge obviously.

History tells us a different story. Contrary to what he has said MR is well known for his robust tendencies to wreak vengeance. Sarath Fonseka and Shirani Bandaranayake are the two most luminous examples. He did not say until what time he would not use them when he said he would not use the secret files. There is no time connotation in his comment. Beware! he will use the files if Maithree and the rest lose the election.

Let us look at it from another angle. This man has kept files on some of his loyal (until last week) colleagues.  Is it not likely that he keeps files on the rest of his colleagues too? This is not different to JRJ keeping undated but signed resignation letters of the MPs of his government. Can we imagine how undignified those MPs could have been to write off their rights to an old wily fox for perks? Rajapaksha is doing it in stealth at least. Why he keeps those files? In Anura Kumara Dissanayaka’s words bambu gahandada? No, to use them when he chooses. So the claim that he won’t use them does not merit any credibility.

What is in those files? They must be full of evidence as to what crimes they have committed, what finances they have misappropriated, what powers they have abused, what state resources they have squandered, what undemocratic, unfair, unethical, dishonest etc. means they have used to win elections and to remain in power etc, certainly not how they have made love to their wives or how they sucked ice cream on hot days. It is apparent that those offenses have been committed with the full knowledge of the main man. Then,is he not complicit in those and therefore partly guilty?  If the files contain such evidence, those files could have been handed over to the law enforcing authorities long time ago. But as long as the culprits remained loyal to MR and his family (means ready to lick their boots or ready to be subservient) the files remain under lock and key.

The opposition could now seek to learn the contents of those files. MR is in no position to reveal what the contents are. The moment he reveals anything to that effect the country will cry “what the hell were you doing all this time protecting those crooks? In other words Thamuse mechchara Kal polgewada?

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