MR gets challenged from the Left as well

ddbd51c6174319adf1ea9a6d30392812_LGeneral Secretary of United Socialist Party – Siritunga Jayasuriya states that he will contest as the presidential candidate of his party.

Addressing a press briefing held in Colombo today (26) he stated that discussions between left wing political parties over appointing a common candidate, had fallen through.

Several left wing parties including the Frontline Socialist Party and Nawa Sama Samaja Party have held discussions on this regard, he revealed.

He further stated that he decided to contest, as an agreement could not be reached in those discussions.

Siritunga Jayasuirya contested the 2005 presidential election as well.

Lawyers pledge to back Maithripala

The 4,000-strong Lawyers’ Collective (LC) pledged their unstinted support for the common candidate, Maithripala Sirisena, adding that they would also be speaking at every rally of Sirisena’s political campaign highlighting the need to abolish the Executive Presidency.


Dayasiri kicked out from 'Swarnawahini' TV show?

Dayasiri kicked out from ‘Swarnawahini’ TV show?

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