Tamils’ support determines the Underdog in SL elections

kishani_jayasinghe-sopranoAs Srilankan presidential elections took a sudden twist as few ‘outside powers’ decided to split the Rajapaksa regime , it has created so many opportunities as opinions which are limited to the imaginations within Tamils and as usual trend Tamils are spearheaded.

In the recent past we countered the Tamil UNPers who tried market on top of general Tamil hatred on Rajapaksa regime. UNPers are trying to manipulate the stories so we all begin to believe they will bring us the justice by punishing Rajapaksa regime. We highlighted that this is fooling Tamils as we know UNP will not get us anything.

There is another consequence that if UNP wins , we will begin to see west weill push us to agree ‘One Srilanka’ concept and all our actvism will be brought to ground since UNP has strong influence with Western powers. As Sajith said , the remianing power in Diaspora will be cleaned as well.

While few TNA advosors from Diaspora who are much more experienced calim that if we do not take this chance to remove Rajapaksa , Tmail lands and demography will be changed thus we shall take this opportunity to remove Rajapksa thus we can save our power. Thats also a possible occurance.

Now another question to be answered is boycotting the election , will it do anything better? Boycotting will tell the world that Tamils are not part of Sri Lanka and they don’t want to be.

People claim that Tamil votes will decide the winner must be an illusion. Last election even with very powerful opponent Sarath Fonseka ,supported by Tamils won 4 million votes while Mahinda won 6 million votes. So it clear Tamil votes did determine the winner and will never ever determin the winner rather 500,000 votes of Tamils will determined another million Sinhalese to chose the undedog.

If UNP has any wise Tamil supporters in USA , then they must realise that any support from Diaspora or Tamils or TNA will make the underdog as if GTF/TGTE/BTF urges people to vote Sirisena , then thats the time you will see millions of Sinhala votes will be pushed to Rajapaksa.

If TNA leadership and their diaspora advisors believe , they will safeguard the local Tamil demoegraphy , they also need to think the possibility of UNP continue to creat alternative Tamil leaders like Maheswaran thus bringdown the Tamil Nationalism and bring a ‘United Sri Lanka’ aproach. They have been doing this over long history.

Tamils need to stand on their own and stay away from the elections thus we can allow South to choose the leader they want. Also if anybody including TNA thinks victory of Sirisena is important , then they really should stay away from election. bringing in half a million Tamil votes will kill another 2 million Sinhala votes.

The good examble is GTF Suren’s statement is been widely used by Rajapaksa regime to convince Sinhalese that Sirisena is a Tiger supported candidate. That was the reason suddenly UNPers begin to say ‘ we NOT allow any war crimes inquiry’.

in wiseworld Diapora organisations must keep silent and keep rejecting any presidential elections under Srilankan legistlation while we also must take part in local elections in order to prevent our councils and MP seats falling in wrong hands.

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