Rajapaksa Family Controls 56% Of Budget, 16% More Than In 2010

By Niranjan Rambukwella –

Out of every rupee spent by our government, 56 cents are directly controlled by members of the Rajapaksa family. Analysis of budgets over the last five years reveals that the share of the budget controlled by the Rajapaksa family, viz Mahinda Rajapaksa, Basil Rajapaksa MP and Nirupama Rajapaksa MP, increased 16 percent – from an already gargantuan 40 percent in 2010 to an eye-watering 56 percent this year. The chart below tells the story. Also, over half the budget is personally controlled by Mahinda Rajapaksa alone – see the table below.

Mahinda-Budget-4Its also worth remembering that the chair of the primary body charged with ensuring that no hank-panky occurs, Parliament’s Public Accounts Committee, is Sarath Amunugama MP – a minister who serves at Mahinda Rajapaksa’s pleasure. The Auditor-General’s status is even worse: he’s directly appointed by Mahinda Rajapaksa.

Now its really up to you to decide what’s going to happen 2016 onwards. 

Mahinda Budget

For those keen on understanding the numbers, the calculations are based on Ministry of Finance and Planning’s Budget Estimates. The raw numbers used for the calculations are in the tables below. Also note that 2015 numbers include the sudden amendment which increased expenditure by 356 billion rupees.

Mahinda Budget

*Correction- An earlier version of this article incorrectly stated that 62 percent of the budget was controlled by the Rajapaksa family. That figure is incorrect – 56 percent of it is controlled by the Rajapaksa family. The author wishes to apologise and thank James Chance who brought it to his attention. All responsibility for the mistake is solely with the author.  

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