700,000 strong vote base in the North. Will that be the deciding factor at the January polls is a pertinent question?

buddhist-monks-protest-in-colombo_28653411Confusion confounded in country’s ‘colour’ politics

However, India seems to be closely monitoring the development in Sri Lanka with a Presidential Poll in January. Colombo views the Maithripala defection to challenge Rajapaksa as an international conspiracy backed by the West. Government Ministers repeatedly level that accusation against Western greats, Britain and the United States of America. The two big nations are yet to respond to that charge.
Meanwhile, the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) which represents the majority Tamil vote in the North and a considerable segment in the East appears to back common candidate Maithripala. There is a 700,000 strong vote base in the North. The TNA commands the majority of that sizeable vote. Will that be the deciding factor at the January polls is a pertinent question?………………. CONTINUE READING

Defection detractions and constitutional red herrings


by Rajan Philips

Our political system is broken in a fundamental sense as a result of the dismantling of the time honoured procedures for periodically changing governments and for providing people with real alternative choices of government. Government changes and choices of government that are fundamental to democracy have been turned into a farce in Sri Lanka thanks to the operation of the executive presidential system, even if not necessarily due to the system itself. The farce has become the routine after 2010. There cannot be much disagreement about these contentions except among those who are either ignorant or are lying…………………….   READ ALL


Mixed yields for opposition

Mixed yields  for opposition

 ‘Propaganda War’

A week into the presidential campaign, the common opposition, led by candidate Maithripala Sirisena, has shown progress on some fronts while experiencing certain setbacks internally.

The major progress on the part of the common opposition during the first week of the campaign is taking an early lead in the propaganda war – which plays an important role when determining the final result of the election. At this stage, the opposition is making headlines in the mainstream media every single day, putting the government and its propaganda mechanism on the backfoot. That was one reason why the common opposition did not want the SLFP defectors to cross over en masse to the opposition, along with Maithripala Sirsena and Rajitha Senaratne. In the face of headline-making developments in the opposition camp occurring almost on a daily basis, the propaganda mechanism of the government has gone into a “lull” of some sort – so to speak. This underscores the fact that the government’s propaganda machination should bounce back fast where the mainstream media is concerned – without confining itself to Facebook pages and several gossip websites that have been started afresh, ahead of the presidential election. ……………………..  READ ALL 

– See more at: http://www.nation.lk/edition/politics/item/35767-mixed-yields-for-opposition.html#sthash.y4vjC3Ot.dpuf

Amir Ali refuses Azwer’s seat –  Government remembers the minority community only during elections.

Dissident Eastern Provincial Councillor, Amir Ali has refused to fill the vacancy in Parliament, created by the resignation of UPFA National List MP, A. H. M. Azwer.
Ali said he refused to accept the offer, of a seat in Parliament, as it came at a ‘crucial time’ and at a time the Bodu Bala Sena (BBS) had also signalled its support for President Rajapaksa.
Azwer resigned from Parliament on Friday at a request from President Rajapaksa, so that Amir Ali could take his place.

All Ceylon Muslim Congress (ACMC) General Secretary, Y. L. S. Hameed told Ceylon Today, Ali is not in a position to accept the offer, as it comes at a crucial time.
“For the last two years we pleaded with the government to accommodate Ali, but to no avail. The offer now comes at a time the BBS has taken a stand to support the President. The ACMC is in the process of arriving at a decision on whom to support at the forthcoming presidential polls.”
“We don’t want to make a hasty decision,” he said. Hameed also charged that the government remembers the minority community only during elections. Having the ACMC proposal in hand, Hameed said that the racial problems that were ignited in the recent past and the mood of the people due to those traumatic experiences are being studied. “That is why we have not decided yet as whom to support. The minority must have a say also and we are waiting till the common candidate’s manifesto is revealed. We hear it would be revealed by next week, thereafter we will take a decision,” he added.

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