Maithripala Sirisena would obtain 59% of the vote compared to just 41% for Mahinda.

surveyRavaya lead rubbished ‘We stand by our story’ — Ravaya 

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Despite the State Intelligence Service (SIS) stating that it would sue the Ravaya newspaper for publishing a ‘false’ and defamatory article, the newspaper emphasized that it stood by its story.  News Editor of Ravaya, Lasantha Ruhunage, told The Nation yesterday (November 29) that the paper stood by its story and had no intention of apologizing. “As for legal action (by SIS), we’ll have to wait and see what happens,” he said.

Ravaya’s lead story last week claimed that the Head of SIS, DIG Chandra Wakishta, had been removed from his post after the intelligence service had informed the President that the opposition’s common candidate Maithripala Sirisena would obtain 59 percent of the vote compared to just 41 percent for the president at the upcoming presidential election on January 8. The figures were made available to the president following a survey conducted by the SIS, the report further claimed.

However, when contacted, Police Spokesman SSP Ajith Rohana deemed the entire story to be a complete fabrication and said the SIS was currently seeking legal advice and collecting evidence in order to initiate legal action against the newspaper.  “There been no such survey by the SIS and SIS Head DIG Wakishta has not been transferred from his post,” he emphasized.

Ravaya’s lead story also attracted much attention at last Friday’s press conference attended by common candidate Maithripala Sirisena. Several MPs who were present stated they understood the story to be true and that it reflected a growing sense of desperation on the part of the government.

However, DIG Wakishta has been subsequently quoted in the media as refuting the contents of the story and stating that he has not been transferred and that the SIS had never furnished such a report.

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