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More are to come from the government- Maithripala

Common candidate Maithripala Sirisena today said that more members of the government were due to defect and pledge support to him in the run-up to the Presidential polls. Speaking at his inaugural rally held in Polonnaruwa today, Sirisena said that the government has been shattered after he quit and added that he was expecting more members from the government side to join him in the next few days.

In his speech he had further stated that it is unfortunate that the government did not succeed in introducing people friendly policies despite having a 2/3 majority in parliament, which they instead exploited to bring in constitutional amendments to build their power base by abusing the 18th Amendment which was brought in to help the President to contest for the Presidency for a third term.

A public commented that President had said that in his Cabinet there are no Ministers who can be bought with dollars or pounds, but we understand from papers that more than 450 Million rupees is offered to opposition MP’s to join the government, The offer was only 100 Million last week according to  UNP MP. From where did this government get these money? should not these money be used to help the needy of the country?


After five years how come he is issueing some of the ”GOLD” to Tamils? The government never said thaty they had these golds until the ‘Election’ was proposed. Is this another way of bribing the Tamil community to support him in the presidential election?. He is seen as the most unpopular Sinhala Leader in the North and he believes that by bribing them he can get their votes. Although the Government publicly said that they will get most of the TNA councillors to join them (BY BRIBING?) after the council election to date non had joined the government. TNA MP’s are the only MP’s President Rajapakshas were unable to BUY or threaten.


Last week President threatened his MP’s saying that he had ‘FILES’ on the MP’s. If he had files than if he was honest leader he should have taken action on the frauds and corruption immediately. But he is blackmailing them or had been blackmailing them for longer time as government MP’s.

Threats, offers and special privileges are short-lived. One cannot retain the support of MPs and party members by threatening and bribing them for long.

SLMC and the Communist party MP’s are the most the public feels that the President has files on. After so many muslims were attacked by BBS members who were supported by the Government and Police the SLMC leaders kept silent and hold on to their Minister posts  and benefits and some of them (probably who’s files are with President Mahinda) want to support him. The BBS Buddhist Monks party which led the attacks on Muslims is officially supporting the President Mahinda.


 The Communist Leaders release statements to say that all must be treated equally in Sri Lanka but although non of their request were taken seriously they hold on to their Ministerial posts and claim the benefits and have promised to support President Mahinda after seeing all the broken promises by him. No wonder no body in Sri Lanka take the Communist party seriuosly any more.

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