Rajapakse regime facing imminent defeat seeks solutions via murders and blame on the LTTE

karuna-mahinda(Lanka-e-News -02.Dec.2014, 11.30PM) A conspiracy has been hatched to murder a very special VIP or a group by Sri Lanka ‘s (SL) criminal defense secretary during the run up to Presidential elections , and to blame it on the LTTE , in order to prove that the LTTE is back in action, according to reports reaching Lanka e news inside information division. This is a ploy to win the elections by hook or by crook , or to postpone elections, Lanka e news inside information division reports.

Gotabaya had enlisted his advisor Hendavitharane , and the LTTE cadres, Karuna Amman and ‘Nilupan Sethiran’, to execute this plot. The LTTE identified ‘Nilupan Sethiran’ at that time by the symbol E-803. He is now kept hidden as a security personnel of Karuna Amman .

In order to accomplish Gotabaya’s murderous and deadly aims ,he had given orders to remove the road barriers during the night , in Colombo and its environs., and to stop the police mobile patrols. In lieu of them , an ‘intelligence civil patrol system’ of the army civil intelligence division has been introduced.

Gota in order to justify these actions had stated , lately , there is an avalanche of crimes in Colombo and its environs , and the police had been unable to curb them. Hence , the civil intelligence division of the army had been entrusted with this task. Gota alleged falsely that during the elections period , the LTTE is rearing its head again under other names, which is uncontrollable by the police. This is an absolute lie . The true picture is : the background is being created by Gotabaya for the criminals involved to freely conspire to achieve their goals.

KarunaGothabayaThe victims of Gotabaya’s target can be opposition party leaders or even front line leaders with him. The clear testimony that his own party leaders are targeted for murder is the withdrawal of the STF soldiers of Wimala Weerawansa recently. Now, those providing security to him are the MSD soldiers only.

It had been reckoned that since the present IGP was an STF Commandant , the STF soldiers are most inclined towards him , which is militating against Gotabaya ’s conspiracy.

The moribund Rajapakse regime which is most certain of MaRa’s defeat at the Presidential elections is resorting to all vile and vicious remedies including cold blooded murders . This is therefore a situation fraught with gravest danger to the country .It is the duty of the political leaders and responsible civilians to take appropriate action immediately without dilly dallying.

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