Hakeem’s Real Problem Is Not BBS Supporting The Govt: But the ‘FILES’ Mahinda holds!

SLMC061013Hakeeem and the clan met the UNP Leader on Wednesday night for crucial talks ahead of another leapfrog. However, many looked at Hakeem’s move with a sympathy of some sort as they knew that Hakeem could not stay in a government of which Gnanasara Thera and Ravana Balaya are stakeholders. Therefore, they thought that Hakeem had no other option but to wear the common opposition hat and support Maithri’s candidature.

But, it has now come to the limelight that Hakeem’s reason to head in the common opposition’s direction is not his archenemy Ganansara Thera. Interestingly Gnanasara Thera’s and Ravana Balaya’s tryst with the government – of which Hakeem is a key member – has not worried him at all! Apparently, his problem is something else – something entirely different.

Hakeem was taken by surprise when he heard about the large number of Muslims who attended the first election rally of Maithripala which took place in Polonnaruwa. “If we don’t get into the bus, we are going to suffer a lot,” Hakeem had told several high-ranking members of the party. Hakeem is of the strong belief that the sentiments of the Muslim Community are swaying in favour of the common candidate.

It was on this basis that he met the opposition leader on Wednesday night. However it is in the grapevine that there are some “files” that are haunting Hakeem, influencing his political decisions. He is now trapped in a dilemma whether to protect his good name by aligning with the government or protect his vote-base by joining the common candidate bandwagon.

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