Navin reveals money looting in the government – many irregularities in financial aid received from China.

78389_untitled-12Former Minister Navin Dissanayake has revealed what he terms as “looting” of money by the government.

He told the media that most of the monies taken from Chinese banks as loans are being looted.

He explained the plundering of public monies through highway projects.

We know and the Urban Development Authority also knows that a kilo meter of road construction costs only Rs.2 million. The President, as the Highways Minister should tell the country how the cost of constructing a kilo meter of road increased from Rs.2 million to Rs.16 million,” Dissanayake said.

He observed that there were many irregularities in financial aid received from China.

“Rs.412 million was spent to construct the 96 kilometer long Mattala airport road. We know that a kilometer of road could be constructed with Rs.2 million. This is nothing but plunder of public money. Who’s responsible for this?” the former minister questioned.

Dissanayake also noted that a similar costing was made for the Outer Circular road and the Southern expressway.

Dissanayake quit his ministerial post a few days back to join the opposition.

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