Over 2,000 rape cases per year, but only seven convictions

sri-lankaAlthough over 2,000 cases of rape are reported from around the country each year, only seven persons have been convicted by Court.

This was revealed by Senior Researcher at the International Centre for Ethnic Studies (ICES), Chulani Kodikara.
She also stated according to their statistics, the number of rape cases had increased over the years, compared to the low number of the convictions. Police Spokesperson, SSP Ajith Rohana said, the police have already taken action on nearly 99% of the rape cases, but it is the Judiciary that has to decide on prosecuting the suspects.

According to the statistics, based on Grave Crime Abstract, of the Sri Lanka Police in 2013, around 2,000 cases were reported of which seven suspects were convicted. The conviction rates are poor due to the time taken to prosecute the suspects and thereby the cases are prolonged for years before the final verdict is given.
Country Director of Fokus Women, Shyamala Gomez said, even though there are women Judges the Judiciary is male dominated. “However, women should be able to be gender sensitive towards the victim,” she said.

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