Rajapaksas Invested More In One Defence University Than In All Other Universities Combined

Last year the Rajapaksa regime invested more in one Defence Academy than it did in all the universities in Sri Lanka. The Kotelawala Defence University (KDU), was allocated 16.3 billion rupees in capital expenditure last year, while all the other universities in Sri Lanka – Colombo, Peradeniya, Moratuwa etc –  were only allocated 9.7 billion rupees in capital expenditure. To make matters worse. KDU had just under 1500 students, while all other universities had 88,000+ students.

“Non-officer cadets studying at KDU must pay fees of multiple lakhs. Therefore, the government is massively subsidising fee-paying education.  It is clear from this policy that the Rajapaksa regime cares little for education – the country’s and people’s hope for the future – or for free education, which Sri Lankans have enjoyed for over half a century.” an economist told Colombo Telegraph.


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