GTF On The Hague

GTF SurenThe spokesman of the Global Tamil Forum Suren Surendiran recently made a statement to Al-Jazeera that the President Rajapaksa would be taken before the War Crime Tribunal if he loses the election. While UNP Parliamentarian Harsha De Silva denies making such a statement and adds such a twist of facts is done by “repulsive people” just to sling mud for political advantages, a few politicians express their views on the matter.

I Said No Such Thing
Harsha De Silva – UNP Parliamentarian

What I can say is I said no such thing. Anybody with brains would know that. People are repulsed by people who are trying to throw mud. These are absolutely all bonkers.






There Is Nothing You Can Do
Sunil Handunnetti – Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) MP

Such a statement only helps the election campaign.

They, on one hand, try to take votes saying that there is an international conspiracy against the country by terrorists and global Tamil Diaspora – which address to the fear factor of people and on the other hand, they try to get votes by selling the idea of winning the war – which is frail now.

This kind of statement will support the campaign indirectly. When it comes to an election, there are these kinds of propagandas.

Last time when Sarath Fonseka was contesting there were such talks.

There is nothing you can do about that.




This Will Create Air Of Vengeance
Mano Ganesan
– Leader of the  Democratic People’s Front

The timing of such an opinion from Suren Surendiran is surprising and mysterious.

It is only helping the government election propaganda. The UN investigation is not over yet – but Suren has already come out with the verdict and implementation of such charges.

The DPF is confident of our Common Candidate’s victory at the election. But we do not agree – let alone the president but anybody – being taken out of the country and tried. Because we firmly believe that this will permanently destroy the relationship and create air of vengeance between the Tamil and the Sinhala communities.

Our country is not a signatory to this convention of the war Crime Tribunal – thanks to then Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe.

Therefore technically, the war tribunal issue does not arise. It’s only a campaign blitz.

But if Sri Lanka is found fault by the UNHRC, not only the current president and the government but all of us as a state may have to face repercussions such as embargo, travel restrictions etc.




We Are Waiting For The UN Report
Suresh Premachandran – Tamil National Alliance (TNA) MP

This statement may be personal views of Suren Surendiran of the Global Tamil Forum. He belongs to another forum – it is not part of TNA’s views. What I can say is, still the UN led investigation into the war crimes is underway. They are still inquiring about the human rights violations and have not produced a report yet.

They final report will be issued in March. Depending on the results, the UNHRC will decide what their next step will be. The main purpose of the Tamil people in this country is to find out the truth – punishing those who are involved in those crimes is secondary.

What is more important for the people is to find out the truth. According to the result of the investigation, the fundamental need is to resolve the Tamil national issue in the country to which the government has failed to address.

These kinds of statements can be used against the Tamils in the country depicting it as their general view. The TNA has no such purpose of taking anybody to the War Crime Tribunal. We are waiting for the UN report.




There Is A Process To Be Followed
Nishantha Sri Warnasinghe – Jathika Hela Urumaya (JHU) MP

We as JHU are on the position that nobody can take the president or anybody here for that matter out of the country and tried like that outside. As JHU we will not let the President, Defense Secretary, former Army commander or any army commander to be taken out of the country and tried before international courts for committing allege war crimes.

We will not let anybody to create room for anything like that to happen. If anybody to be punished, there needs to be a proper investigation and examination of evidence and they need to be found guilty. There is a process that needs to be followed. Punishment can be given only through following such a process.

It is not a new concept. The Tamil Diaspora, some international networks and the Global Tamil From had been saying since 2009 that they would take measures to punish Mahinda Rajapaksa for war crimes and take him to Hague. Just because of such statements, nobody can simply take him out of the country and tried for war crimes.

Even if a new government comes to power, if it does not approve of that, such things cannot be done. Right now, ahead of the election such a statement will only work in favour of the election campaign. The government is now using it for their propagandas.

The opposition has made a clear statement saying that if they come to power they would not let anybody to try the President or the Defense Secretary or anybody in the international court for committing alleged war crimes. Even if there is a regime change, we, as JHU, assure that we will not let room for such things to happen.

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