Speech of Dr. Bahu at Matara relly for Maithree

images(Lanka-e-News -05.Dec.2014, 1.30PM) Let me explain two points. First point, recently I spoke to a higher official in a ministry for his attention on a welfare matter. Before I could speak he asked me whether we are planning to defeat Mara with Maithree. Impulsively I said that in Buddhist terms to defeat Mara one needs Maithree, Karuna, Muditha and Upeksha. He laughed and retorted that what he meant was the defeat of MR and Maithree is enough for that purpose. What this incident shows is that even higher state officials are changing their loyalty and turning to the opposition.

Secondly, President Mahinda continuously raises the issue of western imperialist conspiracy behind the common candidate of the opposition. He says that a western imperialist conspiracy has been launched against his regime. It is not clear to me whether he is saying this intentionally or due to fool hardiness. But there is an iota of truth in this statement. The speech made before me by reverent Rathana Sadu is very relevant to this subject. Sadu explained that both fertilizers and pesticides, used by peasants are full of poisonous chemicals, illegal in western countries but distributed here by MNCs. It is necessary to investigate carefully the dangers involved. After getting all facts and figures when they tried to stop the distribution of poisonous chemicals there was an enormous difficulty. President Mahinda not only avoided taking action against the identified MNCs, but also intervened to protect them. This shows that the top has gained benefits from these companies and helped them to continue. The same problem was faced by minister Maithree when he wanted to take actions against tobacco and drug companies. When these companies were taking actions, undermining the decisions of the parliament, the relevant documents suddenly disappeared from all cupboards. It is a simple mater for MNCs to do such a thing if there is small space created at the top by the executive president.

In the present world of neo liberalism, imperialist actions are not necessarily carried out by the White House or the Pentagon. Imperialist super exploitation is carried out by the MNCs system supervised by the IMF, WB, and WTO, trinity. It is a great chance that the minister Maithree, who clashed with the tobacco and drug companies, while he was a partner of a cabinet of an executive president who betrayed the country to the MNCs for bribes and benefits, escaped only with the loss of documents. It is a deadly venture to fight with multinational companies while serving as a cabinet minister under a leader who is traitor to the country. We all should be happy that Maithree was able to come to us safely. It should be clear to the people of this country, who are the traitors that sacrifice the resources and the people of this country to the imperialist masters. We must all get together to chase out Mahinda Rajapaksa the traitor to the country and the people. In the coming January 8th all patriotic people should vote for Maithree and chase away the pro imperialist traitor Mahinda Rajapaksa.

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