During Mahinda’s rule, the nation had experienced unexplained murders, disappearances, accidental deaths of opponents…

By Rajasingham Jayadevan

Rajasingham Jayadevan

A very thoughtful analysis of Tisaranee Gunasekara: ‘Fake Tales For Elections’ rightly projects the paranoiac, selfish and phony mindset of Mahinda Rajapaksa in prolonging his autocratic governance. The analysis speaks of the degree of the treacherous and dishonest campaign of the Mahinda camp to subterfuge the very people it depends on to prolong the nation’s agony.

Sri Lanka, under the autocratic family rule of Rajapaksa & Co., is an epitome of malevolence, unprecedented in the post independence political history of Sri Lanka. The present presidential style of governance was introduced by President J R Jayewardene in 1978 and it was part of his campaign to create a Dharmista (just) society. His much criticised and centralised constitution was the panacea given on a golden platter to Mahinda Rajapaksa to create an Adharmista (unjust) society embodying all the wickedness to rule the people with his contemptible crusade.

The mega sutra family rule of Mahinda Rajapakska will be hell bent to reflect the enormity of its inequity and will follow devious strategies until the Presidential election to cling on to power is done by any means, hook or by crook. A high velocity unscrupulous campaign by Mahinda Rajapaksa & Co will include finger tip computer treachery – a predicable game allegedly practiced to auto increase by 10% of the real count – this will be the deciding factor.

Nondy (Fake) claims and nonsensical promises will be made to ruse the masses to the extent of foul cry of LTTE mahasona (ghost) of the Tamil Diaspora scheming to send Mahinda to the international gallows from The Hague. Mahinda is so desperate that day by day, events are turning anti for him and he has nowhere to turn except pull his ‘polle’ in the ‘malle’ (baton in the bag) as the last ditch effort to salvage himself from any electoral defeat.

All indications are that, with his extensive, intrusive, intelligence and military machinery network, the desperate President will pull his master card to give a hammer blow to the opposition that is fine tuning its progress to bring about the much needed political change that Sri Lanka wants to overcome to avoid its progressing deficiencies.

The oil leak from the Indian fishermen’s boats, that was afloat in the Manner basin in 2011 during local government elections, made headline news for Mahinda to fake claim that Sri Lanka had found its oil and gas reserves to match the Ottoman regimes of the Middle East. In the three years since, the USA have gone with vengeance to frack oil and gas from its soil, causing havoc to the international oil prices as well as knuckling down Putin’s arrogance.

One should not gloss over, as Mahinda will go further and flick a cigarette lighter fuelled with Mannar oil to prove that his mission has been accomplished in finding oil in the Mannar basin.

dead_personDuring Mahinda’s rule, the nation had experienced unexplained murders, disappearances, accidental deaths of opponents, Grease Yakka menace, revival of the LTTE with fake claims to prop up the southern momentum, land grabs, extensive bribery and corruption etc. These are some of the factual accounts of a regime that attempts to live through with the funding from the equally despotic Chinese Republic to prop up its mega corrupt development projects to paint a glossy picture of its governance.

With the election date announced, the reckless President has become so desperate that he has decided to open his Mullivaykal jewellery vault to return the stolen properties to the victims from the North. The methodology adopted to identify these train loads of claimants from the North is a recipe better known to Mahinda to capture some votes from the North. Jewelleries belonging to Tamils from the East and the Tamil Diaspora are still to be recognised.

Another spin to the election campaign is the investigation into the mass murders in a burial ground in Vanni. Whilst mass burial grounds in Matale, Eastern Province and Mannar are found and the military is blamed, there has been no conclusive independent investigations undertaken so far.

Rajapaksa’s regime is trying all its tricks to stay in power for ever without realizing that the people are not going to bequeath him the posthumous award in the forthcoming election. Mahinda’s astrological signs too are not favorable for him.

The controversial and allegedly cast conscious Tamil Nadu political maverick, Subramaniya Swamy, who has shown hatred towards the Tamils in Sri Lanka manifesting from his loathing towards the LTTE, has come to the rescue of Mahinda Rajapaksa. When millions of dollars invested with international propaganda specialists remain dormant, maverick  Subramaniya Swamy is the headline news to resuscitate the despotic family rule for another term.

What a pathetic predicament of Sri Lanka that needs radical change to move forward to be part of global family.

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