Rs. 200 million , a vehicle and portfolio

‘‘We gave away a skeleton of a parrot & got a young one” – Ranil in Kandy

thissa_hirunika“Ven. Sir, yesterday we gave away a ‘Naatu Girawa’ (skeleton of a parrot) of ours to the president and got a ‘Hedakara Maala Giraviyak’ (a very beautiful she parrot) from him,” said opposition leader Ranil Wickremesinghe to Mahanayake of Malwatte Chapter, Most. Ven. Tibbotuwawe Sri Sumangala Thera in Kandy today (09).

In a very relaxed and friendly tone, the opposition leader also told the Mahanayake Thera, “In foreign countries, rats jump out of sinking ships. But, what our rats do is to jump into sinking ships. We hear that the Broadcasting Corporation has stopped airing ‘Maithri Bhavana’ now. Don’t know who advices these people in that manner? All of them had been with us. We should be thankful to the president for having taken such people from us and cleaned our party.”

Lure of filthy lucre : Tissa sells his soul for Rs. 200 million , a vehicle and portfolio: Chandrani steers clear of the trap

(Lanka-e-News -09.Dec.2014, 11.45PM) As the Sinhala edition of Lanka e news revealed in the last day early morning so it happened ! The UNP general secretary Tissa Attanayake , and Democratic party M.P. Jayantha Ketagoda, the two political opportunists somersaulted without citing any reason, to the very government they hitherto bitterly castigated and condemned openly as murderous and corrupt . Although this change of stances of theirs were disgustingly strange vis vis their hypocritical announcements made by them even a while before they pole vaulted ; to the people and the country , it has become crystal clear now it is lure of filthy lucre that had made them sell their souls so shamelessly and brazenly.

Maithripala Sirisena who was the SLFP general secretary sacrificed his Minister of health portfolio ,other perks and privileges offered by the regime in order to become the common opposition candidate solely and wholly in the interests of the nation and save the country from the despotic and most corrupt reign. Tissa Attanayake on the contrary had betrayed his party he served for so long , and sold his honor and soul for portfolio , pelf and evil power offered by a moribund government in order to save it . Tissa had accepted the ministry of health post , super luxury vehicle worth Rs. 20 million and a bribe of Rs. 200 million from the Rajapakse regime which has by now become a by word for corruption , lawlessness, nepotism and brutality .It is reported Tissa has become possessed with satanic avarice with the offer to him of the post of health Minister which post Maithri was holding earlier .

It is a well and widely known indisputable fact that Tissa had been receiving monies from the government for a while via Tiran Alles even while he was with the UNP, and serving the agenda of the regime. With the UNP making a significant advance at the Uva elections , the day following the announcement of results , Tissa insulted the party by tendering his resignation from the leadership council at the instigation of the Rajapakses . Indeed , Tissa was looking for an excuse to grab the sordid offers of filthy lucre made to him by the Rajapakses.

Since that point of time , his conduct was at odds with the UNP party and policies , and hence he was under the UNP surveillance . Realizing that Tissa was getting ready to do any sordid bidding of the regime lured by filthy lucre, he was not informed of the plans that were under way to make Maithri the common candidate who unlike hypocritical self seeking Tissa, was making sincere moves in the best interests of the people and the country after making supreme self sacrifices.

0-Tissa__KetagodaTissa , the betrayer was therefore unable to access the party secrets .Consequently , the Rajapakse regime that was depending on him to spy for them got into hot water.

Tissa then entered hospital falsely in order to ‘remand’ himself. By that time an English website that is ostensibly operating from London , but in fact run by the henchmen of the Rajapakse regime published , a sum of Rs. 200 million was received by Tissa, whereas at that time Tissa had not collected that money in fact. Tissa thereafter began harboring the suspicion that Tiran had collected the bribe using him.

Tissa therefore deserted Alles , and established direct links with Gamini Senarath , a secretary to Mahinda Rajapakse . Gamini Senarath was a University mate of Tissa . Senarath after handing over the bribe to Tissa instructed him not to leave the UNP , and to carry out espionage activities sabotaging the common opposition candidate’s election campaign , and pass information out to the government .

But , when government’s provincial council chairman Prasanna Solangarachchi crossed over to the opposition yesterday , Mahinda Rajapakse got jittery , and decided to get Tissa into his camp last morning itself. The final payments were made at midnight day before yesterday .

It is learnt that the final amount paid was Rs. 200 million. One of the brokers in this sordid deal of Tissa was Dinesh Dodamgoda , a lackey cum media secretary of Tissa . It is a matter for regret , this Tissa who is yesterday sold his soul , and betrayed the UNP due to his greed for filthy lucre , was an M.P. at least for one day , and secured a foreign scholarship because of Ranil , the UNP leader . Tissa forgot all these and pole vaulted to the Rajapakse regime all because of avarice for money . Tissa’s greed for money was so enormous that it blinded him to the popular adage , money can buy only the misery the greedy enjoy.

Though it was rumored that Ms. Chandrani Bandara M.P., a close friend of Tissa was to cross over , addressed a media briefing of the common opposition yesterday evening at the opposition office , she stated categorically that she will not under any circumstance cross over to the government. This noon , her party office at Anuradhapura was besieged by supporters who demanded not to disgrace or betray the party by pole vaulting..

Mahinda Rajapakse after handing over his nomination , spoke proudly about Tissa ‘s somersault to his camp in public. ‘Our secretary is seeking election from the other side . But when we look , their secretary has come into our midst. This marks UNP’s landslide. That has begun today. Don’t underestimate us. Getting another secretary to replace a secretary is no big deal for Mahinda Rajapakse. ’ It is very clearly implied in Mahinda’s statement, ‘this secretary was got ,’ Tissa ‘s betrayal was not because of any political reason but wholly and solely the bribe given and taken by him.

It is worthy of note that SLFP general secretary Maithripala sacrificed all the posts , perks and privileges by crossing over to become the common opposition Presidential candidate , whereas UNP general secretary Tissa Attanayake who crossed over to the government did not become the government’s presidential candidate. However , he has secured a ministry post at least for a few months in a government that is now in its death throe just before the sure defeat at the elections on the 8 th of January which is already writ on the wall. Tissa crossed over in spite of this potentially disastrous situation of this government of which he is fully aware , solely because of the colossal bribe that he received which he could not have earned during his whole life time legitimately, not even in his dreams !

Not only the country and the present generation, but even posterity would curse Tissa Attanayake for becoming a lackey and lickspittle of a murderous regime that is brazenly robbing Rs. 300 billion of the national revenue of Rs. 700 billion . It is unfortunate that Tissa by selling his soul for pelf and portfolios has got himself condemned as a traitor .Like how he cannot escape from this stigma and shame locally and globally , his children studying in the UK too are going to suffer from this indelible scar and ignominy, of which he is the sole architect.

Anyway , it is a pity by the time his children realize that their father is such a scoundrel and traitor who betrayed the country which precipitated a national disaster , and the whole country is full of virulence because of their father’s venal habits and shameful conduct , Tissa may not be living to reform himself for the sake of the children at least.

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