Opposition takes power of Nuwara Eliya PS

Palani Digambaram and P RadhakrishnanThe opposition has taken control of the Nuwara Eliya Pradeshiya Sabha.

The change of power occurred after Palani Digambaram and P Radhakrishnan, two former Deputy Ministers from Nuwara Eliya District, joined the opposition yesterday.

Digambaram was from National Workers’ Union while Radhakrishnan was from Up-country People’s Front.

Along with them 4 Provincial Council Members and 34 members of local government bodies joined the opposition. With this change, the power in the 23 member Nuwara Eliya Pradeshiya Sabha transferred to the opposition.

In the local elections held on March 17, 2011, the UPF had won 11 out of 23 seats and the UNP had won 7 seats while Ceylon Democratic Unity Alliance won 4 seats and an independent group won 1 seat.

The UNP has succeeded in creating a rift in the CWC which has pledged its support for President Rajapaksa.

Gammanpila’s decision to back President Rajapaksa has split the JHU down the middle and the rebel group in the party led by Ven. Medhananda Thera is likely to make the most of the situation to win over some more party stalwarts who have pledged their support to the Opposition common candidate. 



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