Minister Vasu to Commit suicide

vasu 1If presidency not abolished in his lifetime Vasu to Commit suicide

By Kavindya Thomas

Minister of National Languages and Social Integration, Vasudeva Nanayakkara stated he will take his own life, if the executive presidential system was not abolished during his lifetime.The statement was made at a media briefing held in Colombo yesterday (10).

During the briefing, he said the abolishment of the executive presidential system was essential and the executive powers should be bestowed upon the Parliament as a whole, since that was where the democratically elected representatives were in action.
The Democratic Left Front (DLF), General Secretary issued a ‘people-friendly’ public proposal of action for the government, to be put into action during a five-year period from 2015-2020. This proposal addressed several issues such as the abolishment of the executive presidency, a change in the electoral system as well as the introduction of an amicable tariff system. According to party members, the proposal was issued in order to strengthen the developmental approach this government had adopted back in 2005, when it came to power.
Furthermore, the minister said he was completely against nepotism and believed in the decentralization of power and authority.
“From 1977- 2005, the governing system was influenced by western reforms. But that changed when Mahinda Rajapaksa came to power in 2005. From 2005-2014, the governing system changed completely. What is happening currently is a struggle between these two forces,”, the minister said.

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